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We strongly recommend that you read these instructions carefully before adding a Business, a broker/Agent listing or any other resource. Remember, adding the listing properly will help your prospects find your business easily. Do not hesitate to add your Email address as it is not visible to the public.

BuySell.Biz Tutorial:

Prior to registration: The registration confirmation and a link to add your listing will be sent to you through Therefore, make sure that you are able to receive mails for Sometime this mail ends up in junk mail box..

Filling in the Registration form: Remember you can add only one registration under an email address. You will receive an email with a link to login after submitting the registration form.

Entering Listings: You have the option of adding four types of listings namely, Non franchise business, Franchise business, Business broker / agent and Other Resources. Each agent with a brokerage may have a separate listing. It is very important that you pay attention to some of the fields while adding listings.

Listing title: The title should be easily searchable not only the name of you business but also other keyworsd: here are a few examples:

Broker/agent title: Charles Schwab Brokerage Seattle business broker agent or Business broker in Seattle Bob McClendonz

Business for sale title: : Italian restaurant for sale in Seattle Verrazano's Restaurant.

City name variation and nearby cities: This is very important field for brokers as well as other sellers. Some cities or spelled differently or abbreviated by people for example New York City is also written as New York, NYC etc. Los Angeles can also be LA. Enter these variations in this field. Moreover, you may have office in Business in suburbs of a main city like Desmoines close to Seattle. People out of area would know only Seattle. Therefore, it is important to enter Seattle in nearby cities if your business city is Desmoines. It is also good if you add other cities bordering city of your business. Your prospects will be able to find you under those cities too.

Disclose or hide business for sale address: Many sellers do not like to publicize the address of business since, they fear adverse effect on their business and value. Therefore, we have provided an option of hiding address by clicking on hide.

Adding numbers: There are many fields where you will be asked numbers like asking price, revenues and profit etc. Please do not add anything other than numbers. No dashes, periods and commas etc.

Adding pictures and logo: Currently we have a small problem with uploading pictures and logos while entering listing. However, you can add picture and logon by login and editing after submitting the original listing.

Q & A:

Q: What shall I do if get an error message?

A: Generally error messages are displayed if the information entered is not recognized by the system. For example adding text or symbols like dashes where only numbers entry is required. However, if you get an error message we request you to cut, paste and send it to

Q: The category or the location (country or state/province) is not listed here. How can I list my Business or brokerage?

A. Send us an email telling us about your category and/or location. We will add them ASAP and notify you.

Q: I am not a business broker but have a business to sell. Can I list/advertise it on BuySell.Biz?

A: Yes. You May list your business for sale as an owner. However, professional services, knowledge and experience of a broker/agent could be of great help.

Q: Can I delete my listing after my business is sold or I change my mind?

A: You can anytime delete your listing by logging in, the moment it gets sold out or taken out of market. You can also edit and modify your business listing any time.

Q: Is there any help in listing a Business for sale?

A: We have provided help buttons with every field. Click on help buttons before searching or listing specially, if you are using BuySell.Biz for the first time. You may also contact our support at 206-575-7771 (dial US code if calling out of USA) for any assistance. We strongly recommend reading help buttons for better results.

Q: I am not a Business seller. I am looking for a business to buy. What will be my benefit to register? Do I have to pay anything to register?

A: You can register as a user for free. By registering as a business buyer you will be able to login and send messages directly to a seller or broker. You will also be able to communicate with us, the publishers of this Marketplace. We may be able to help you find the right seller, broker or agent.

Q: What geographic market do we cover?

A: We are worldwide matchmakers for business buyers, brokers, sellers and other resources. We intend to include all countries and regions of the world. If you do not find your country or province/state in our dropdown menus, send us e-mail and we will add your location.

Q: What business categories do we cover?

A: All legal businesses.

Q: We do not have e-mail or a web site. How can we List our business?

A: : Since it is a truly Internet marketplace, you will need to have Internet access and a valid email address to register, login or add a business for sale.

Q: How much does it cost to list a business or a brokerage company?

A: Currently we are offering free membership and listings for free. However, we have the right to change our policy anytime.

Q: How many categories/subcategories can I list under?

A: You can only list under one main category, but you may assign multiple sub-categories to your listing. This will increase your search options.

Q: How can we attract more buyer prospects?

A: If your location is a small city, suburb, or close to the borders of a city, you could add the nearest major city in your nearby cities field. You can add up to 10 keywords to your listing and change them periodically to see which ones are most effective in achieving the best results. Select the category and sub categories carefully. Enter neighboring cities into your business profile. Select your keywords carefully to include your categories, major products and services, for example; gas station, dry cleaners, convenience store, medical equipment, etc.

Q: Can we add, change the information or picture in our listing?

A: Yes you can always login and edit information or change the picture.

Disclaimer: We strictly advise to all visitors, buyers, sellers, brokers, investors to be aware of scams and be extremely careful before committing, paying or making any other arrangements.